For the online entrepreneur who wants to add an 'affordable' product offer to their line up!

Create & Sell A Tiny
Digital Product that everyone can afford!

(Build an audience of buyers and infuse some quick cash in your business)




What if you could create a product that helps you: 

  • Test, validate and drive traffic to your higher priced offers
  • Build an audience of buyers... not freebie chasers
  • Infuse some $$$$ into your business

Well, Here's Some Great News...

I can teach you everything you need to create and launch your TDP in a few short sessions.

This is a super fast, laser focused private coaching experience designed to help you build a list of actual buyers AND infuse some quick cash in your business... in three short sessions. 😉


3 x 45 minute sessions designed to build your list and your bank account!

  •  Determine How and Where a TDP can fit in your value ladder
  • ​Reverse Engineer your Offers for Maximum Profit
  • ​​Find a Product that People Are Actually Searching for Before you Create It
  •  ​Master the TDP Naming Formula
  • ​Price your TDP for a 'no-brainer' quick sale
  • ​Learn the low-tech tools and resources you need to build your TDP
  •  Use Social Selling and 'Persuasion' Words to Launch your TDP

Hi, I'm Kellie-Ann

 I am a start up and launch expert, business strategist, coach and former on-air reporter turned marketing exec. 

I've  been where you are and I know it's tough to figure out all the moving parts in an online business. 

I spent  a lot of  $$$ and a whole lot of time and energy documenting the 'HOW TO' of an online business. 

And I'm ready to show you how to make a tiny offer and big money with a low cost TDP.

I have helped 100s of women all over the world create offers and start businesses!

 Are you next?

👉If you are ready to ditch the freebies and typical lead magnets...then the TDP Accelerator is for you!!

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  •  I'll send you info and payment link
  •  Book your sessions 
  • ​Make more money and more sales
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